10_Bio-Image-in-BlueAs a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, it is my nature to see, work as a dialogue with the world through the creation of objects and images. My work has included painting, drawing, murals, scenic painting, sculpture, assemblage, site-specific installation, performance, tableaux vivants, cabaret, set design, set-pieces, prop-designing/building/styling, customized design, craft, costume design for theatre, film and video, wearable art, print design, craftwork, mosaics, interiors and teaching. My approach to all of these mediums has always been to remain truthful to the creative process and express my personal vision. My aim is to re-make ideals of beauty, informed by neo-modernism and neo-romanticism.

I have been educated in fine art in Italy and OCAD, studied acting in New York and continued my education in English and theatre at McGill University. and University  of Toronto. Despite my participation in a variety of classes and workshops,  I consider myself principally a self-taught and outsider artist. Influences in my art-making range from Picasso, dada, surrealism, feminism, French symbolism, religious iconography, and Jungian psychology. I have also been influenced by my extensive travels in Europe, Africa, North, Central, and South America.

My work is characterized by ornate, vibrant and elaborate collages of textiles and forms, often created from re-purposed materials. References include specific painting and cross-media techniques, historical and pan-cultural styles, and the relation of high and low art forms to make rhetorical, provocative, even humorous statements. I am interested in the transformational potential of art and the imagination to elevate life and consciousness. It is my intention to create discussion about social, environmental, spiritual and political ideas.

Currently, my work is centered on large-scale painting, graphics and silk-screening. I am interested in themes of memory, emotional dialogue, pop imagery, democracy, and the environment.