Everything is fair game in Ottilie’s performances including, Dadaist dream-like interpretations of public ritual, gender politics and humanity’s adventures. Her performances are playful, sensual, sometimes mystical and delirious, witty and engaging.


“.. played with brilliant comic strokes by long-legged,
blonde braided Ottilie Mason.”

– Jennie Punter,  Toronto Star, Jan. ’96.

“Oozing Babette Beauty-it is prior to reciting sexy passages form the Bible was actor and vegetarian caterer, Ottilie Mason, who donned a virginal outfit just to prove she still can.”

– X-tra Weekly

“Performance art has to make people uncomfortable, but still, we were very tongue-in-cheek, and most people got the joke.”

– Glen Cooly, Now Magazine

“Mason’s delivery is subtle and quite stunning in it’s overall effect of horror..”

– Jean McNeil, The Varsity

“.. and Ottilie assemble their infinitely complex selves upon the hypothalamus of a troubled world in preparation for another healing ritual.”

– Donna Lypchuk, Eye Magazine