Set Design

An acclaimed set designer, large scale mural and scene maker, Ottilie creates transformable props that serve multi-theatrical roles. Her work has earned her four Dora Mavor Moore nominations for set and lighting design.


“…beautifully abetted by designer Ottilie Mason, (who) has created a haunting ritual, illuminated by arrangements of candles that are extinguished and lit again, constantly re-arranged to alter the focus of attention and even slid across the floor and gently tossed in the air.”
“…be compared to the style of Robert LePage, in which the basic rudiments of stagecraft are employed and transformed, all before the audience’s transfixed gaze.”
-Vit Wagner, The Toronto Star

“..Taking it’s cue from Ottilie Mason’s rich design – all polished wood, gleaming steel and flickering candlelight – the work generates a strong mood of mystery, fear, beauty and erotic passion.”
-Jill Lawless, Now Magazine

“The show, designed by Ottilie Mason, is visually sumptuous, all burnished wood, flickering candles and glinting metal, and the church setting has a quietly entrancing effect.”
-Lara Mills, The Ryersonian

“The set itself is illuminated by candles and decorated with jeweled gobletsw, candlesticks and three huge wooden crosses. Designer, Ottilie Mason has created an ambiance that transports you back to another time. “
-Jon Kaplan & Jill Lawless, Now Magazine

“ Much of this happens through the “visual poetry” of designer, Ottilie Mason’s wholly candlelit set and the setting of the church itself.”
-Dominique Russell, The Drum

“…an ideal background for Ottilie Mason’s lush medieval costumes and ingenious “transformer” props.”
-H.J. Kirchhoff, The Globe & Mail

“Ottilie Mason’s design though is just as splendid, with it’s emphasis on candlelight and reflective surfaces that send suggestive shadows through the church venue.”
-Jon Kaplan & Jill Lawless, Now Magazine